Fixed Assets Management

An effective way to record, track, depreciate and analysis fixed assets with minimum time and effort.

Convenient Asset Setup

  • With simple import mechanism, books of assets can be directly imported by Excel format
  • Data of Excel file will be filtered by system before data transfer to ensure the validation of the data

Multiple Depreciation Method

  • Asset Depreciation can be done by any of follows:
    • Straight Line
    • Declining Balance
    • Declining Balance – 150%
    • Declining Balance – 200%
    • Sum of Years of Digits

Effectively Depreciation Design

  • To complete assets depreciation task needs less effort as just 3 clicks of mouse.

Auto Asset Manipulation

  • Profit/Loss of disposal and depreciation amount of individual asset are auto-calculated
  • Vouchers are auto-generated
  • Book value, accumulated depreciated amount, depreciated period are auto-updated after each transaction

Quantity Checking

  • Barcode label printing
  • Integrated with Cell Phone App for barcode scanning
  • Checking report can be imported from csv format
  • Variance report

Report Printing

  • Reports provided:
    • Basic Information Report
    • Fixed Assets Value Report
    • Purchased Report
    • Disposed Report
    • Value Adjustment Report
    • Service Report
  • All reports can be filtered by single/multiple items:
    • Asset ID
    • Asset Status
    • Date Range
    • Location
    • Maintenance contract