Human Resource Management

The process enables the users record and maintain the information and history of staff effectively and efficiently. The works like Payroll, MPF, Leave, Performance appraisal and Package review are designed to process in a easy, simple and effective way.

Staff Information

  • Personal Data
  • Education and Training History
  • Description of Duties
  • Transmission / Promotion History

Payroll / MPF

  • All the payroll history is recorded for easy review and report
  • Status control: Approved and done
  • MPF calculates automatically based on different pay types and specified staff's remuneration package
  • Related payroll reports can be generated for payroll process:
    • Payroll - List:
      - payroll details of individual staff
    • Payroll - Tran:
      - bank account details of payroll's payment
    • MPF - List:
      - details / breakdown of MPF including mandatory and voluntary contribution
    • Payroll - summary:
      - breakdown amount of different pay types for accounting purpose
    • Yearly staff income report



  • All the leave history is reocrded for easy review and report
  • Status control: Approved, updated and done
  • Leave balance update automatically and summary generate
  • The report can be filtered by:
    • Department
    • Staff
    • Leave type
    • Date range
    • Status

Performance Appraisal & Package review

  • All the appraisal history is recorded for easy review and report
  • Grading input for assessment items :
    • Efficiency
    • Responsibility
    • Reliability
    • Initiative
    • Cooperative
    • Punctuality
    • Relationship
    • Overall
  • Comments input
  • Package review (salary and fringe benefit) input