Business Intelligence - Simple and Effective

EMOi Solution :
- Engineering Business / Maintenance
- Trading Business
- Inventory Control / Warehouse Business
- Accounting
- Customer / Tasks Management


We Provide System to FIT Your Needs

Further ready-made system, we provide service to study, enhance even build a new system to fit individual customer needs for both the roles of managerial and operational level. With our on-going services, even the customers change their operation for adapting the changing business environment, the customers are able to enjoy the perfectly fit system along the time.


Effectiveness by Fully Integrated System

With fully integration of the processes, the users need not repeat entry for related documents. Necessary data are automatically generated along the processes. The users are able to complete the tasks with less effort.


Cloud Data Server Service

In order to save customer's effort and cost for setting up and maintenance for both hardware and software of Data Server, we adapt 'Microsoft Azure' as our Cloud Server provider to provide reliable Cloud Data Server service.